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Getting started

To write a book we need to write down the title of the book, and what the book is about, in a sentence. Like this:

1. Title: The Knight Boy
The book is about: a 10 year old boy with special ability to see the future.

2. Title: Holiday Hunting
The book is about: how to find a good holiday on the internet, at good prices.

3. Title: My Dream
The book is about: the dreams I had in the last few weeks.

But before that happens...

We need to find a subject or idea that people would want to buy. A book that is useful for many people, not just a few. If nobody wants to buy, the publisher would not want to publish it. So ask yourself this question: who would buy this book?

There are 5 reasons why people want to buy a book:
1. Because it gives them knowledge about a specific subject.
For example, a book about sailing, cooking, gardening or playing chess
2. Because it contains an interesting story (made up)
This is called fiction books, for example Harry Potter.
3. Because it contains a interesting real story
This is called non-fiction, for example: the biographybiography of Michael Jackson
4. Because they need it to learn at school or at work
This is called text books, for example: chemistry books, computer books.
5. Because they want to give it for somebody else
For example: joke books, mother’s day book, bible stories.

Once you’ve figured all that out, jot down ideas of what you might want in your book, circle ones you want in one book, and list them down together, then group another set and list them together and then... Well, you get the idea.

With that done, you can think of the title, what good and not-too-long title would fit the story? If it’s about secrets, gossip, friendship, etc..., you could call it ‘The Diaries of Life’ or something like that. If it’s about a you and random ideas and that ind of thing, you could call it ‘All about ME!’ or something like that. You get the picture. You’ve got a brain, think of some other titles because I KNOW you can do way better than that. Those are very basic, simple, less-thought-about titles.

After that, you can start planning on what each chapter is about, but before that you might want to cast out a beginning, middle and end. I know it’s normally what you do in year 2 and stuff but that is the best way to start your story. I forget to do it a lot. In fact, I’ve only ever done it on one story and compared to the others I’ve started, I think it has to be the best. So DO start that way. REMEMBER: BEGINNING, MIDDLE, END.

After you’ve got the plot, then write the chapters. Just a one liner on each chapter.