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What is this website?

Well, it all started out at a little idea in the front passenger seat of my parents' car when we were on holiday. I was talking to my dad who was driving about how no-one had shown me how to make a website and he said, 'Oh, I could help you make a website, but what are you going do with it once you know how to?' I thought about it for a little while and I finally got it. And this website was born. Ta-Da!


This web site contains 5 sections:

1. Getting Started: How to write a book, finalise your ideas.

2. What to do: A more detailed explanation about each task of writing a book and getting it published.

3. Questions: Questions on writing a book and my answers.

4. Activities: writing practice, book cover design, games, quizzes, and lots more.

5. Favourite books: you can tell us about your favourite books, we'll put 100 books at a time on this section, and you can buy them!

6. About me: Well, it's pretty straightforward from the title of the section - it's about me and what I'm doing, what I'm planning, most importantly who I am, and other little details of info.

7.Contact us: This one's pretty straightforward aswell - it's where you can find out how to contact us and where (obviously on the computer but specifically).

8. FAQ's : Frequently Asked Questions and my answers.

Well, you've got a lot to do and a lot to find out, so I suggest you get to it! :) =D