Hi I'm Val and you've come to my website!!! Hooray! So this is what's happened this week;

Al-my bro-has gone a bit haywire coz I took his ultimate favourite pokemon card-Dialga (right)

We had a day off school last friday and I'm going to have my Piano exam tomorrow. Aargh!!! I am sooooooo nervous! (sigh), (sigh) and (sigh) again! My friend have been backing me up, my family too. Saying stuff like; "It's gonna be ok", and, "It's ok",and, "You're gonna pass for sure" Strangely none of 'em seem to work with me. Here's some pictures of hearts!

If you want, here's my msn=k_iten_618@hotmail.co.uk Here's my yahoo=kiten618@yahoo.co.uk I am obsessed with kittens and cats and whatever is in the cat family (apart from the really scary ones).

Here's some stuff about me just to give you a bit of a heads up:

Name: P. Valerie Arindra

Background: Indonesia


Hobbies: Reading, Singing, Writing (gonna be an author when I grow up), Swimming, Maths, Literacy, Science and Sleeping

Sex: Female

Birthday: 31.08.1998

Other Url's:

Ambition: Author

So, that was all about me. Let me know if something exiting has happened to you and if it's good enough, I just might put it on my website-right here! I'll only put on 5 a week coz I need to put lots more exiting stuff on here! Use my msn or yahoo (above) to contact me, ok? Cool. I will update this site weekly so there's something new for you guys. Ok, see ya!